Am I missing something??


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I wired up my LED kit as such:

120 from wall -> (wht to ACL / black to blue )

Red from Dc out LPC-35-700 to + on one side ->

6 RB LED's going + to - across the heatsink ->

Last - gets black from DC out.

Completed circuit correctly, right?? No cold joints... everything looks good.

When I plugged it in for a test they came to life for a second and went dead....

The only thing I didnt do was attach the ground to anything.

I'm def not an electrician, but I've built guitar pedal kits before with no issues and I'm ok with soldering.... I dunno about the lighting thing, but i don't want to throw money away on LED's. I thought I had spent enough time researching and did things properly. Chime in with any advice if you can please and thanks!