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Speckled Grouper

Sticks Suck!
I came across these while diving the other day. There where literally hundreds, I collected just a few. After research I was able to identify them as Chelidonura hirundinina, a flat worm eating Sea Slug.
So I did the test and sure enough, they feed on flat worms!







Bongo Shrimp

P. ceratophthalma
Not to rain on your parade, but the only problem is that they will disappear once food runs out. :(

I always wanted some kind of nudi like that but can't get them because of food requirements.


Team RC
Well, this isn't exactly a nudi, and yes, they will starve if you run out of food, but their life cycles aren't very long anyway. I've often found that when you run into a population of Chelidonura, there may be many thousands. A week or two later you may be lucky to find two or three in the same area. Their populations apparently boom and bust along with the availability of food.



twist of lime

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You should collect these and sell them in limited amounts then people would pass them around so they'd never starve. That'd be awsome :crazy1: