Amazing what actinics will do!


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Under 14K MH this thing looks very bland. Under a couple of actinics only it looks pretty good. Now i know how online stores make there zoas look so nice!



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Now i know how online stores make there zoas look so nice!

A lot of online stores do some photo shop work to make them look better to. :rolleyes:


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This one wasnt photoshopped, but i did take alot of pictures and made alot of camera adjustments to get it just right.

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Well thats a given that most stores online will post pictures under actinics. Onlly the good stores post a description of the lighting which the shot was taken under


They are among us!!
I always make the dealer send me a colony shot before purchasing. They can photo shop the colony but it's alittle harder cuase it make the rocks look blueish in color if not done perfectly.


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I have a very similar colony. I bought them at a frag swap, and they looked very brown and plain. But, under good lighting, they're really pretty. :)

I've been unable to get a nice shot of mine that shows their colors. I have to get the camera figured out :p