Amquel for QT


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I've been running my DT fallow due to ich. I have a Foxface and Clownfish in one 20L and a Kole Tang/Purple Tang in another 20L. I've been changing out 8 gallons per tank per day for the past 3 weeks. The first two weeks I was treating with copper, but now the copper has been removed. I have another 3.5 weeks before I can add the fish back to the DT, and I'm having a problem keeping up with the ammonia. Even with 8g per tank per day, the ammonia builds up to ~0.5ppm which is enough to cause the fish to get stressed. I can see a notable improvement in the fish (swimming more/faster etc.) within 20-30 mins after I change out the water. I'm spending serious $$ on salt and several hours a day to keep this up. Can I add Amquel to the QT tanks to reduce the stress on the fish inbetween water changes? I'd like to stretch the water changes to every other day with Amquel inbetween? Does this sound ok?