Anemone & circulation pumps


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I acclimated my GBTA yesterday and had to run. He had his foot down when I left, but I guess he wanted to move, so he took a little stroll and went to hang out with one of my circulation pumps. So I tore the circulation pump apart, pulled the anemone out (he didn't touch the propeller thankfully), and while he looked horrible he seems to have come out of the ordeal okay, he's latched onto a rock, all of his tentacles (minus the few injured ones) are out so I think we're in the clear.

I put pantyhose over the pumps but they seem to clog easy and really kill the flow, so what else can I do? I'm pretty handy DIY wise.

I've thought about doing a closed loop, but it seems like it would be really expensive to get the same level of flow from my circulation pumps. How much flow is ideal for a closed loop?


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How much flow for a closed loop is your preference, I have over 30kgph with my closed loop that cost me less than one MP60. I would of had to buy five more MP60s to equal the flow I have currently. I can always add to my closed loop for even more flow, have to buy more pumps to do that otherwise. The argument is that it costs so much to run a closed loop blah blah, but in large aquariums closed loop is the only logical choice. I have seen 900g aquariums that are bare bottom and have 6 MP60s on them and there still quite a few areas detritus builds up. If a lot of flow or extreme flow is what you want, it is much easier to achieve with a CL