Anemone feeding, lighting, + test kit Q's


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The other day I purchased a nice sized GBTA and he got in a little argument with one of my circulation pumps, but that's an issue I'm resolving. That same day I was at a different pet store, since I rarely travel to that area and they had a nice Haitian anemone that they just got in, and for $9 I figured I'd take it. I have two clowns, and each one is hosting a different anemone. Tank is a 72 bowfront.

1) Feeding, I see people feed their 'nems a lot of different things, silversides, shrimp, brine, mysis, etc, etc. So I'd like some recommendations, and how often to feed an anemone that's hosting?

2) Lighting wise, I've got 2x39w T5HO bulbs, and 160w of LED multichips, the multichips are all 460nm. I'm thinking of changing the T5 bulbs to ATI Purple+ to get some 420nm in there, since 420nm LEDs are pricey. Is this enough light? I don't have access to a PAR meter, so I'm having a tough time deciding if this is adequate lighting. The LEDs are right above the water, with no lenses. I'm contemplating adding another 100w (50w on each side of the center brace, which would put 130w on each side of the center brace).

3) How are the Salifert Magnesium test kits? The only test kit I'm missing is MG.


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Watch out with the Haitian, they're known to eat clownfish. Being an Atlantic Nem, and clownfish being Pacific, they don't match up well.

Forget silversides, people have been having problems with silversides killing their nems. I feed chunks of shrimp or scallops.


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There've been numerous posts about nems dying after eating silversides; so I'd stay far away from them. For yrs. I've fed my nems weekly w/ the frozen seafood medley from Publix w/ no issues. Salifert testing kits are one of the best on the market. It seems like you have enough wattage over your tank, but I know next to nothing about LED's, so I'll let others chime in here...
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Great, I'll check out the seafood medley!

Yeah I've read how condys and clowns don't always mix well. My clowns seem quite happy with the condy, so I'm going to give it a try for a bit and hope nothing bad happens.

To be honest I wasn't expecting the clowns to actually host the condy since I've always read that they never do. I figured they would be all over the GBTA and the condy would just sit and look nice on the opposite end of the tank!