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What is the best but cheapest way to feed my anemone? i dont have the i was wondering what some of you guys do to feed your anemones. Oh, and what is the best thing to feed the clown?
YOu can try the fresh seafood or just buy a box of formula 1 and feed some to the clowns and a piece to the anemone. Make sure you thaw if first. this isn't too much money
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ssungyo said:
What is the best but cheapest way to feed my anemone? i dont have the i was wondering what some of you guys do to feed your anemones. Oh, and what is the best thing to feed the clown?

I don't know if your anemone will like this but mine do. We found it's the cheapest way for us to feed ours and you get a lot for the money. Go to your local grocery store and if they supply it fresh buy a 1/4 pound of fresh shrimp. The kind that has not been cooked. Shell and cut the shrimp in half and see if it likes it. Our have been eating shrimp and I have been told that it's ok to feed shrimp to amemone.
I've been feeding the raw (headless) shrimp to my anemones for a few days now, per LFS guy's advice. One of my anemones loves it, and instantly wraps around food and swallows it. The BTA that's hosted by a Tom clown seems to have no interest in eating. Actually, the Tom will grab the hunk of shrimp and toss it out of the anemone. I have seen the Tom 'feeding' the anenome bits of brine shrimp, but it's impossible to tell if it's eating enough, or at all.
I leave the shell and legs on the shrimp, and cut it into pieces about the size of my pinky fingernail. Maybe the experts could advise whether that's right or not.
I go to my local grocery store and get tiny pieces of fish/shrimp from the fresh fish case. Some times they give it to me for free since they know me (I am the guy that comes in and orders "one" fresh shrimp). Fresh shrimp goes bad pretty quickly, so I get one at a time - a medium one will last you a week no problem.
I feed mine a home mix that I bought from the LFS were I got it. I can tell there are little bugs, worms, chopped fish and some other stuff in there. My anemone loves it but that what it was fed before I bought it. I can't get mine to take silversides or anything like that.
most of the advice above is very good.

I feed my clowns a variety of foods, a couple different flakes and a general mix of seafood that I made myself. You can find a mixed seafood medley at your local grocery store. Just thaw it out and blend it up (add a little tank water to thin if needed) then freeze, I use little jello jelly bean molds that I picked up over easeter a few years ago as a mold but you can jsut freeze in a thin sheet in a plastic bag. Then thaw the amount you want to feed your tank. The clowns love it!

Some anemones will eat just about anything, others will only eat squid or shrimp or some other specific foodstuff. I used to always feed mine formula 1 frozen cubes (thawed of course) and that's a good place to start. If he won't take that you can always feed it to your clowns. My anemone are now eating silversides and lancefish (sand eels) that I got at the LFS but you can often find small fish of a similar size for much less at Asian markets which is what I'll do for the next batch.
Go to your friendly neighbor Asain store and get a pack of Silver fish. Fish are about the same size as Silversides and you get double the amount and costs 1/2 as much.

anemone question?

anemone question?

3 days ago I added a med color bulb anemone to my tank for my clowns and they ack like they don't even know its there. how long does it take for them to bond or what ever they do? 2 younger tank raise perks.

Also, what should I feed him since I bough him online and I forgot to ask? I've just been squirting filter food in it direction every night(MicroVert, PhytoPlex, ZooPlexx) not even sure if he's eating it or if thats the right thing to do?