Anemone for percula in high flow shallow


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I have two juvenile perc clowns in a 14g that will be moving to a shallow 35g. One is currently being hosted by a frogspawn and has been hosted by a rbta in the past. I plan to run a minimalist scape that Im sure a rbta wont be overly fond of as well as I would like to get a natural host for the percs. My LFS might take my rbta in towards something and I was considering a sebae. Thoughts on how the sebae would deal with a fair amount of flow?(wp25 on lowest setting)


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If you're talking about H. malu, they live in or very close to the sandbed. If you have high flow, you may have sandstorms. They're also not a natural host of percs.

I think a better option is a magnifica. They like a lot of flow, like to sit on the tops of rocks and a small one could work in a 35 gallon tank. The unfortunate part is that they don't play well with stubbies, because they eat them. Okay, I'm totally kidding -- I know you have an affinity for stubbies. :rollface:

You need to make sure you find a healthy specimen, or are prepared to QT it. There are a few people in the Bay Area with magnificas, and they sometimes come into the LFS. Since your tank is not set up yet, it'll be a while before you can add it, but I'll keep an eye out for you if you are interested. I purchased mine from someone who had it in their tank for a long time, and it did really well (I sold it when I bought a gigantea).


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High flow high light are ideal for either Magnifica or Gigantea. Both are natural host of either Ocellaris or Percula. The problem is that both are difficult to keep and difficult to get healthy. I echo what D-Nak said about well establish tank for them and the need to have QT/TT tank when you try to obtain one of these