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I wanted to get your guys opinion on what i should do with my RBTA. During the day he seems to look OK, expanded tentacles bubbly swaying in the flow ect. Towards the end of the night a few hours before the first set of lights go off he looks super deflated and his mouth is open and clear stringy stuff is coming out of his mouth. Want to know what I should do. Attached is a picture of him right now 2 hours before first set of lights go off.

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Unless you have been feeding it, it is probably spitting out some zooxanthellae. Not necessarily bad, but they don't usually do it every day like that. How long have you had it?


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I have had it for a week in my tank and I have not fed it yet. It moved around to 3 different spots until it settled there.


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He'd probably appreciate being fed. A small piece of meaty food. I've been successful with anemone's by feeding them.


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If it's only been in the tank for a week it's most likely still acclimating. Leave it alone and give it some time. Mine did the same thing when I first got it.

It could be getting ready to split from all the 'excitement' of moving from LFS (or wherever) into your tank. Assuming you are up on the parameters, lighting, flow, and other stiff of keeping an anemone I would say ... be patient.

Wouldn't hurt to feed it very small piece of shrimp or scallop or krill, uncooked of course. Small as in the size of a baby pea. How big is this animal?


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It is a decent size when fully inflated probably about 5 inches across. I did try and feed it some mysis shrimp the 2nd date it was in the tank but he rejected them and didn't even latch on to them at all.


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How old is the tank and what are the paramerters?

Light (type and cycle hrs)
Flow (PH or return pump)


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Just let it be. Mine was acting "weird" shrunken and kept moving when I got him.

Just make sure all your parameters are in check


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How old is the tank and what are the parameters?
Tank is roughly 2 years old standard 125g

Light (type and cycle hrs)
ATI 6 bulb fixture 2 bulbs on from 1 to 11PM and all 6 bulbs on from 3 to 9pm
pH ranges from 8.0 to 8.4 through out the day
SG 1.025
Temp ranges from 77.6 to 80.2
nitrate 0
alk 7DKH
phosphate 0
mg dont have kit
calcium 440
iodine dont have kit
Flow (PH or return pump)
mag 9.5 for return
5 koralia power heads


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Just let it be. Mine was acting "weird" shrunken and kept moving when I got him.

Just make sure all your parameters are in check

got a wierd one just as well first day was eating shrimp like a buffet and then he moved to another spot and just chillin and wont eat, recieved one from SWF and acclamated and same day was eating shrimp has'nt moved from where i put him and has to be 10" already :dance: