anemone shrunk? (like perminately)


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i have this bta that was doing really good..
but then i had to go to hawaii for a week with my family for vacation with no one to watch my tank.. (12gallon nano)
well when i came back my anemone pretty much shrunk..
(and my starfish died too)
obviously my tank crashed or whatever..

well the anemone is still alive. and eats. its just really small..
like 2.5''-3'' diameter. what should i do about it?

i got a new 15 gallon tank but now i have to upgrade the lights..
i was thinking a 70w hqi viper clamp..
is that good?

i was thinking about maybe even buying another one, after i upgrade my light.

(before the vacation)

(i dont have a current picture of it)
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Provide excellent water conditions and it will likely come back. It looks a little bleached in the pic, but otherwise healthy. You might want to locate it where it can get some natural light, an hour or two of direct sun can be like tonic for an anemone.


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my water conditions have always been pretty much excellent..
i just know that my light isn't sufficient..
so im going to upgrade..
anyone have any suggestions?

i really like that 70w hqi viper clamp..
i just dont have the money..