Anenome Trouble, Help Please


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I have a very nice Haitian anemone that seems to have something wrong with him. He is getting area's that are detraining. Looks like little spots are rotting on his tentacles.
All tank conditions are normal.
SG .023
PH 8.3
Temp 77
Phosphates, barley readable
Alkalinity = 2.9
Calcium = 8.9
Nitrate very low
Nitrite = 0
Ammonia = 0

Not much more to say, here are a few pictures to show you the damage. Please, any advice will be helpful.




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Looks healthy. I wouldn't worry about that unless it become prominent. Sometimes anemones tentacles will shrivel in spots or the whole tentacle. I would suggest increasing your sg to 1.025. Calcium 8.9? Usually measures around 400. Alkalinity is a little low too, 3.5 meq/l would be better.