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I know that I am jumping the gun on this one.when my tank is not even set up yet. but I got thinking, I was going to go with soft corals in it. but now I am thinging just going with just anenomes with fish and live rock.
anyone here tried is?
are anenomes hard to care for?
also is there a good variety of fish, that get would be ok with them?


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I going to say that going with a simple softy tank would probably be the best place to start for someone new to the hobby. This will allow you to get a feel for the ins and outs of reef aquaria before you tackle more demanding species. Softies require less attention and are good for the beginner to start experimenting with propagation...Then once you conquer them the LPS bug will bite. Then you will end up like most of us, hopelessly lost in the wide world of SPS. Reef aquaria, IMO is much more of a sub culture than fresh water. Once you start experimenting with corals the need to frag and trade will take over. Its more of a comunity than anything else.

Ofcoure Anenomes are cool too. But I think you would be better served by taking the standard way in. Before you know it you will be read for a RBTA or a Haden's Carpet. Or if your lucky a M. dornessis (spelling?)