Angel with flukes - what works?


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I have an Asfur angel that somewhere picked up flukes (not sure since I have only had him for 6 weeks and the other angel in the tank does not show signs).

I have tried 2 freshwater dips (first was a straight 80/20 fresh to salt bath second I added a small amount of Prazipro to the bath). I dipped borth times for 20 minutes each and watched in both amazement and sadness as numerous flukes bagan dying and faling off the fish. Flukes fell from his eyes, gills and even from under the scales.

I thought that typically the freshwater bath treatment was a one time thing, apparently not. Is there a better way to rid my fish of this pest?

Also, due to the infestation, one of the fishes eyes is completely clouded over. Will this go away on it's own or do I need to further medicate?

Thanks for your help.


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So these flukes are large enough to see on the fish? Some types that infect angels and butterflys are too small to see easily and then tend to stay in the gills. If the flukes you are seeing seem to like the eyes and they are big enough to see then it could be Neobenedenia melleni. Long term hyposalinity will probably work. Use a salinity (not SG) of 14ppt. You will probably have to keep them in a low salinity Qtank for a few weeks. Low salinity kills the egg stage.

Praziquantel is safe but it is probably not going to help in a short dip. You could add some to the Qtank and combine it with hypo.

There are many types of monogenetic trematodes and the resistance to treatment differs between species and strains. There are other treatments that may work, but I would try the ones that I suggested first. Formalin dips may work and organophosphates could work to, but they are toxic to the fish.

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I've ran across flukes numerous times in the past few years. Especially fish comming from some of the Hawaiin wholesalers. Only thing which has worked for me is either treating the tank with Fluke tabs or Prazipro. FW dips will kill the adults, but I am told it will not kill the eggs. The species I have ran across have been resistant to low salinity and Cupramine.

I prefer to use Prazipro as I did have a couple of unexplained deaths using Fluketabs.


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Thank you both for your help. I have removed the fish to a Qt/Hospital tank and have begun the process of dropping the salinity level to reach a hypo state. Additionally, I have added Prazipro to the tank and the fish seems to be responding well to the treatment. 3 days in and the eyes have cleared noticably. Fish still eats well and I am optomistic about full recovery.

Sad thing - the other angel that was sharing the tank witht the Asfur now has the same symptoms and will have to be treated in the same fashion as this one. I hope she responds as well.
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