angelfish compatability


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soooo.....i really love the dwarf angels and i would like to add some more to my tank but am unsure of which way to go. right now i have 110 gallon tank and the only angel i currently own is a coral beauty. I lovethe lemonpeels but i hear that they are horrible about picking at corals. Wouldnt mind a flame or potters angel but i dont know how they are going to along with the cb i already have. Any suggestions?


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You might start out by telling us what size tank, what type of tank, and how long it has been set up. Hard for anyone to answer questions without understanding your situation.


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potter's angels can be difficult to keep. If you wanted to have a chance to have two angels. You shoud of probably chose a flame angel and added it at the same time as the coral beauty. Might be a little too late now.


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Adding additional angels can be done. I would stay away from the lemon peel. I have a cherub, potters and flame in my 180. I had the cherub for 2 years and added the other two together. Most will tell you that more than one dwarf is not a good idea. I think if there is adequate rock work with lots of swim room and hiding spots you will be fine