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Your point is that you want of use one fo the SeaChem salts for what ever reason. If that is the case go with the Reef Salt. Most of us do not like their salt, due to high borate. There is no reason for that much.

There have been a number of assays on salts, ion compsitions and in most cases Instant Ocean fairs best.


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no, not at all...
MY posts are the anti-borate posts, further down the page...why i'm irritated.

a few posts after mine just seem to miss the point again and again...



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It is late at night. I took you as the poster asking about which salt to buy :lol: Time for bed. I posted another antiborate for you :D

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It seems like the point has been made adequately. I don't want to jump too strongly into a vendor forum where the original poster isn't asking for more info. :)

I do not think the borate alkalinity test is very good at determining borate alkalinity:

Boron in a Reef Tank (and its effect on pH buffering)

The Seachem Borate Alkalinity Test Kit

The Salifert Boron Test Kit