Another cleaning crew question


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When I see questions about cleaning crew I often see listings similar to this

51 Dwarf Ceriths
21 Nassarius
20 Florida Ceriths
15 Large and 12 small to medium Nerites

That is snails all over the place yet when people post pictures of their tanks you hardly ever see a snail. Are people just saying have tons of snails and no body really does or what?

Are emerald crabs good on a cleaning crew?

What should I have for a 80g reef?



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Nassarius live in the sand until they sense food. Dwarf ceriths seem to live in the sand during the day and at night is when I see them come out and climb the glass. The other ceriths and nerites will spread out on the glass and rock, so it doesn't necessarily look like they are everywhere. Plus eventually they grow coraline algea on their shells, so they seem to blend in.

That said, the listed amounts do seem high for a 80g tank. I have a crew similar to that in my 125g.