Another lighting question

Pastor Salty

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This is just what we needed.

I need a new light for my new (used) tank. I dont think the 4 bulb T5 Solar Xtreme fixture is going to hack this deeper tank with the light necessary to maintain my tank and its inhabitants.

For my MH is OUT. The cost alone in electricity will kill my tank when my wife sees the electric bill.

I am thinking about LED and was wondering if anyone has a low budget idea for LED for me


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I got cree LED's from rapidled. They are great. I built a hood out of acrylic and it is great. They are very helpful, I asked a ton of questions before I ordered. I thought the price of the kits was very reasonable.

Mr Neon

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I have a custom made Evergrow D120 watt LED with dimmer unit, It is 2 months old and I will be selling it shortly once my new light arrives if interested.