Another natural predator of Asterina Starfish?


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Just got a hold of some rock last weekend from Ryan and noticed a bunch of "tiny" starfish amongst them. Remembered Joe had an issue earlier this year with them, PMed him as well as did some searching. I see that harelequin shrimp eat them, but according to this new thread:

Linckia starfish do as well. Any else ever see this?

First pic from the post as a teaser (go to the post to see more):


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HMMMM i never knew these little starfish were problems, i have hundreds of them and never seen them do any harm to anything. They never bothered me or anything in the tank so i just let them in there.


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There are MANY species that we refer to as 'asterina'. Some are known polyp munchers and some are harmless. Mine don't seem to bother anything, but I do see them on corals once in awhile.


Thanks for the info., Jeff. I hadn't seen that thread. I have brought my asterinas under control with sucking them out at water changes. I also go in and get them whenever I see one chowing down on my zoanthids.


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At one point I had a ton of them in my tank.....then I added a 6 line wrasse. I really don't know if the wrasse eats them or not but I have hardly any these days. I was actually surprised to see a few on the glass the other night.