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Hi All,
I have been lurking for awhile and thought I would introduce myself. I bought an AP24 last month and am slowly working towards getting some water in it. Among other things I do metal folk-art and am crafting a stand from old farm machinery while I wait for my homemade rock to cure (or kure). I have also completed panels for the back wall using an adaptation of Dugg's foam technique. I am trying to take it slow and reading everything I can, hoping to minimize my lumps (though I am sure I will take a few). I will post pictures as soon as the stand is done. Anyway, I am glad to be here and look forward to getting to know you all. Btw, I will try to stop by the meeting tomorrow.


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Hi Pauly, welcome to COMAS.

glad you said hello. I look forward to meeting you tomorrow. It should be a great meeting.



Hello Pauly welcome to Comas. You should try to make it to Norman on Saturday for the meeting if you can lots of good info at the meetings and you can meet everyone in person.


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I've finally gotten over being sick and will also be able to make it to the meeting. How many people can wet pets hold, aren't we pushing near 50+ people now?