Another Nitrate Issue.


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Having a similar issue as other RC members. 55g, 50lbs LR, HOB Emperor, Crappy SeaClone 100. All is within range except Nitrates (off the charts). I've done three large water changes (RO) and no change. My sand bed is 4-5". As my other posts suggest I'm in the proccess of setting up a sump/refuge. . I just bought an ASM g1 from another RC member. I am assuming all this will solve my Nitrate prob....right?Still researching what type of items to place in the fuge though ..Suggestions...


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the best thing to use in a refugium for Nitrate reduction is a deep sand bed and live rock.


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The new skimmer should be a huge help in reducing your nitrates. A quality skimmer is probably your most important piece of equipment.

As for the fuge, Chaetomorpha (a.k.a. Chaeto) is probably the most common macro algae used. It's pretty efficient at nutrient export and requires very little maintenance. Gracylaria is another low maintenance, yet efficient macroalgae that's often overlooked. It likes a little higher flow, so if your fuge is going to have very slow flow, it's not the best idea. One of the most efficient macro algaes for nutrient export is Caulerpa. Of course, you may have heard that there is the risk of it going "sexual" and fouling your tank water. With prudent trimming or a 24 hour light cycle, this isn't a major concern, but it's generally not recommended for beginners.

Lastly, refugiums are great places for a remote deep sand bed. 4-6 inches of oolitic sand in your fuge is all it takes. Then there should still be room for your macro algaes. If you go that route, I'd suggest getting something like nassarius snails to keep the top layer of sand sifted and relatively clean.