Another Question for Sandra Shoup


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Hi Sandra, I really enjoyed your article "Things I did Right" in the September Issue.

Could you provide any additional info on the DIY Canopy that your husband built? It looks like a perfect design, and I'm in the process of planning a canopy for my MH & VHO Lights.


I will certainly check with my husband and see if he can provide some type of plans. Of course, these plans would be after-the-fact as it was what I call a "seat of your pants" type of operation! I'll see what I can do and submit them to the DIY forum.

As for the design, I am very happy with the way it is working out for me. The front panel is easy for me to remove and it is great not to have anything in the way when I'm working on tank maintenance.

Best regards.
Sandy, Thanks for the speedy reply. There is a lack of "good" DIY canopy designs available on the internet. I've seen some very nice ones - like yours - but little to no detail/plans exist so far.

Your husband should be proud of his accomplishment. Both the stand and the canopy look very nice - And of course the Reef is pretty nice too:)