Another silly newbie question.

Capt. Nemo

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This may be a silly question, but it wouldnt be my first. :) I bought LR from Premium Aquatics which I had added to my tank last Friday. Beautiful rock, if I may say so. PA had wrapped the LR in some wet brown paper. I thought I had removed all of this paper before putting the rock in my tank. However, I now see some small pieces of the paper in hard to reach places under the rock. I am assuming that PA would not wrap the LR in a material that would be both harmful to the LR or to my tank. Should I go crazy trying to remove every little bit of paper or should I just let it go. Thanks.


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I concur. You want your tank to cycle. It will be fine. The biological 'hot' process will digest it. If it were newsprint with a lot of various inks involved, I'd feel differently, but brown paper, no problem.