Anthelia infestation on clams

Bill Scott

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Anthelia, which seemed to be a good idea at the time, is now growing all over my clams. About a week ago in desperation I tried to scrape it off, and then wound up scissoring it off. The stuff comes back like Terminator II however, and I was wondering if anyone could suggest a more permanent solution? I dislodged one of the clams messing with it, and it took several days to look good again, so I would really like to minimize how much screwing around I do. They are both T. crocea BTW and are otherwise healthy, though they seem to have appreciated my removal of the anthelia.
Clamshell growths

Clamshell growths

Growth on Tridacna is common in the wild.In closed systems,however,it is to be monitored.If the growth is agitating the expansion of the mantle,I would remove it.If the clam appears unaffected ,I would leave it alone.I don't know how badly Anthelia irritates clams,but my hairy{stinging} green corallimorpharians were able to weaken a prized T. crocea of mine into not opening up,and finally to the point of it's demise.

I am like you and at my time I put just 6 poylps of anthelia in my tank. I sold one of my LR covered in it for a $50 credit at the LFS soon after. And if my Tomato Clown had not hosted in some of the other stuff I would sell that to. My solution to this stuff is using dental instruments, such as picks and strappers. I ask my dentist every time I go for some old tools and I always get one or 2 that they are going to throw away. It takes some time but you can peel that stuff off of LR. I peeled off several inches last week in a 20 minutes. Gave them away. The poor fool!

These instruments come in handy for alot of things around the house.