anthias question


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I wanted a fish that will stay visiable so after some research, I requested one. Well, turns out that he ordered/ got in a male and female. I went ahead and got both. They are staying right with each other, which I really like. My question is what will happen if I add more females from a different anthias species (these are Bartletts)? With the new female join the harem, be a loner, or get harrased by the Bartletts?


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Sorry, I need to update my signature. I have moved my fish to a 125g. The barletts are listed at 3.5" and I want to stay about that size for adults. Some of the others I am looking at are:

Ignitus Anthias
(Pseudanthias ignitus)

Carberryi Anthias
(Nemanthias carberryi)

Resplendent Anthias
(Pseudanthias pulcherrimus)

All of which grow to about 3". I'm thinking of adding 1 or two females.