any experience with clown breeding


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im pretty sure my clowns are about to lay some eggs. is it going to be possible to remove them or are the just better as fish food? if it is possible what do i do to prepare?


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Found this on the web

Spawning starts when the female swims over the cleared patch of rock and deposits a small line of eggs with her ovopositor. The males follows shortly after and fertilizes them. The process of laying eggs takes anywhere from 2 to 3 hours. The eggs look like little capsules about 2 to 3 mm long and 1 mm wide. If the adults have been fed well the eggs should be a bright orange color. During this time the clownfish, notably Amphiprion clarkii, may lay up to 600 eggs. More often than not however, the number of eggs start out small, around 200, and increases with each spawn and as the female increases in size. Once the fish have started spawning they're likely to repeat it at intervals of around 12 to 18 days.

The eggs usually take from 6 to 15 days to hatch depending on the temperature. One day before hatching the larvae develop a silvery color around their eyes. This is the time when you must make a decision: Either you leave the eggs in the tank to hatch, and you remove the larvae, or, one day prior to hatching you remove the live rock upon which the eggs were laid.


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you can add a piece of ceramic tile near theyre breeding spot and if they lay eggs on it, you can pull that out. or you can make a baby catcher with a soda bottle and catch em the night they hatch.

you wont want to try to keep the first few batches, they will be small and scattered, but as they practice they will get bigger and better.

get joycew wilkersons book 'clownfishes' its the best info you'll find. you'll need to breed rotifers... its alot of preperation, you'll need a few weeks. but they'll lay eggs every 11-14 days or so.

Mine arent breeding yet, but ive been studying up a long time....