Any health hazards to deal with?


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I mean other than:
"do not drop any electrical device into water."

Like are there any communical diseases fish to human transfer?

The only one I am aware of is ecoli but that is mostly with fresh water fish and turtles.


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There's marine tuberculosis and Vibrio, and likely others as well. Wearing gloves is a good idea, in my opinion.


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Ooooh, good question. I certainly didn't think of asking that when I first started. I wish I had, after a few years in the hobby and reading about some scary stuff that you can pick up.

Like Bertoni said, those are the most notable deseases...and then you have to watch out for stings from corals, and bristle worms and fire worms and such.... The list is long, so get yourself a good pair of gloves.


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You think regular doctor gloves would work?
I think the ones without any baby powder would be best.
Unless marine life is allergic to lambskin or something.....