Any Ideas?


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Hello All

Im currently in the process of setting up my 90gal in my parents seafood restaurant. I've built many reef tanks but never a FOWLR. I realize the basics are the same but not sure about what fish speceis to introduce. Any thoughts?


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Pretty much whatever you want that suits the tank size.Just watch for MAXIMUM size of the fish your looking to put in.Alot of fish look great in a 90 when their 3-4 inches but as they reach 7-8 inches they look cramped.Most Tangs look cramped in anything less than a 6 ft tank.I bought a 3 inch BlueFace for my 180.I always wanted one and that was why I bought the tank,He's now 7-8 inches and Im eitther going to have to upgrade to a bigger tank or sell him.Most of all...HAVE FUN and GO SLOW.