Any interest in an Orlando day trip...


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I have been hearing much about these Orlando stores.
A 3 hour drive is nothing to me after being in the military and having to drive 12 and 20 hour drives...

Anyway, point being I would be interested in going to Orlando and checking out some if not all of those stores. The plan would be to be leaving early on a Saturday say 6:30am - 7am to be in Orlando by 10am and returning on the same day say be in Miami by 9pm - 10pm.

I would deal with the car rental, as thru my wife I could more than likely get it cheaper than at the normal rate. Looking for maybe 3 to 4 other guys or gals that would want to go and share the cost of gas.

Post here or PM me with any questions or anything...


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I am down to go tomorrow or Sunday if anyone is interested? I just got done with a slew of exams and could use a little fresh air from a road trip. :)

Maybe we could stop in at ORA on the way back.

I hear the only stores worth seeing are sea and the city and world wide corals.

Let me know




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i lived in orlando and got a lot of my frags from sea in the city. marcy is the person to talk to, she is awesome and truly has great advise on everything reef related. wish i can come. enjoy ur trip.


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I would love to go one day. I unfortunately manage a restaurant and usually have to work on weekends. If you wanted to go during the week, I would love to go.