Any locals have one of the Solana 34g tanks?


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If so, I wanna know what you think of it and if youhave any pics!

I'm planning on getting one in the next week or so.



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I have a SOlana and I love it. Many people complain about the top off system, heat, and skimmer.

I have had no issues with them. THe skimmer took a little to break in but once I got it broken in it works great. I use the galss hood on my solana and I do not have any heat issues. With the glass top on the tank I only have to refill my top off bottles every couple of days.

Over all this is one of my favorite tank setups.

BTW I dont use any of the Bio balls that come with it. I use a filter pad in the overflow box and I use a phosphate removing filter pad at the exit of the skimmer.



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I have one with a 150 mh on it, I run it for 7 hours. My house is kept no warmer than 78. I have a little computer fan running in between the light and the glass. It hangs around 82 during the photo period.Its been up a couple months,I like it. :) I built my own stand extra tall,i like being able to walk up to it and look right in.




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Yeah its starboard. I have no complaints about the tank. Of course there are alot of people go out and buy these tanks and spend 1000 on mods. Everything can always be better..I guess...


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A pair of mis bar clowns and I think Im gonna see if I can cover all the rocks with zoos and shooms.Not sure yet.


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how do you guys get your tank to stay so cold. When I first got my tank in September last year, my temps averaged 90 during 10 hr photo period, and 72 when lights were off.

BTW...I love my tank, I'm one that has done the mods, the tank needs more flow! it was my biggest complaint (well that and heat). But I'm keeping a heavily stocked SPS tank too...if your only doing LPS and Softies the light will work perfectly for you. I've added a 250w 14K MH with t-5's, a chiller, and a tunze 6045 for additional flow. If your looking for a light, I've got one for $150 new in box...had to have current replace my old one, it started to rust.

Skimmer works great! ATO had to come out when I plumbed in the chiller so I just add about a gallon of water a day to the tank (i don't run with glass top on). When I do, evap is minimal, but having a sps tank, there are times when I need in my tank NOW and don't like to fiddle with the glass top all that much, that and it was hard to keep it clean.

I definately recommend this tank as a AIO. Is by far classier than the RSM, although eco has a cool aio now too. Good luck!