Any plumbers out there? Help! Pics!


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I am putting a new tank in my basement. Therefore I need to get a water source and a water disposal down there.

Well I thought I would just put a utility sink in my basement "rough in" that I paid for when the house was built.

NOTE: the basement has a "structured subfloor" due to expansive soil. What that means is that my basement floor is wood on steel frame so I have minimal access *under* the floor.

Now, I have looked on line and what I have in my basement seems insufficient for what I need.

Pic1 - Pipe A I believe is the toilet hook up. Pipe B - I am not sure.

Pic2 - Where Pipe B goes up into the house

Pic3 - Close up of Pipe B

Pic4 - Pipe A, Pipe B & Pipe C under the floor

Pic5 - Where Pipe C goes

Pic6 - Where Pipe B goes from under the floor to the basement

So now the questions...
1) Where is the vent for Pipe A? Pipe B?
2) What is Pipe B? Is that my "sink" roughed in plumbing?
3) Where would you plumb a sink drain?

Thanks in advance.


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the whole thing is vented off the top of the Tee that is not cut in yet on pipe B. B is the lave(sink). Essentially the toilet is "wet-vented". Through a tee in pipe B low and run it over to wherever you want your utility sink. Do it in 2" and don't get crazy with the pitch. It'll work fine. If you plumb the utilty sink in real far you can throw a mechanical "studor vent" in, most likely it won't even be necesary. While you're at it put a tee for the lave @ 21" to center.