Any problems temporarily removing the standpipe in overflow?


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I have a durso standpipe that's a little too short and it allows water to drop 4-5 inches... I want to get this fixed to lessen the noise.

The durso is connected simply by a screw adaptor to a double screw bulkhead. When I remove the standpipe to add a new one, I assume the only effect is the rest of the overflow water will go into the sump... the bulkhead should stay intact ?

I will of course have the return pump off ;)

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You are correct.. I removed mine while pump was running one at a time to adjust them.. I have the height adjust just below the holes in the back of my tank. my over flow box is external... Its now DEAD QUIET.


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that is correct. it might not be a bad idea to have an extra bulkhead on hand just in case.

999/1000 times you're perfectly fine, but once in a while a bulkhead will crack. so if you're making changes to them, it's never bad to have a spare should the worst happen.


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Its also nice to occassionally get back there and pull the pipe anyway to clear out what settles in the overflow over time. I have it on my checklist to be done every 6 months.