Any reasons why I can't use a swimming pool pump for my aquarium?


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In my pool pump, the intake and impeller are all plastic, there is metal in the shaft, but it's behind the ceramic seal. At that point, seal failure means the water leaks past the seal, not pulling water past the metal shaft.. the motor and impeller housing are two separate things..

Also, a lot of pumps are dual voltage and / or dual speed. When the pump runs 220V it costs less to run. Some have a dual speed system too, but you need to check the manufacturers webs site.


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I have a same problem but instead of using ceramic seal, chlorinator would be the better option.Using a socket or crescent wrench, remove the nut that is securing clamp together or loosen and remove the series of nuts and bolts. Some banded pumps have a hand knob instead of a nut holding the clamp together. Slide back the half of the pump assembly with the motor attached.