Any review on Actinic T5 HO from Fluval sea?


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It's me or Actinic from Fluval sea are not sooo crisp blue?
I've changed my bulbs, 6x T5 HO. Then i've found my coulours alot less "electric"...
I have 3x actinic, 2 power glow and 1 more yellowish.

Any one have some pro/cons about Fluval sea bulbs?



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T5 actinic are 420nm violet and aren't that great, they look good at first but dwindle quickly, they are very low PAR and don't compare to blue plus or blue bulbs in the 460nm wavelength that also make your coral fluoresce but will also make them grow unlike T5 actinic.

T5 actinics do t compare to VHO or PC/CF Actinics, the higher wattage really makes actinics a lot better than the low wattage T5 counterpart unfortunately.
I suggest a combo of T5 blue plus & purple plus I stead of T5 actinics unless you are going strictly for actinic dawn/dusk combo with 2 bulbs.

I say try 1 t5 actinic at first but would not buy Hagen/fluval bulbs. Try ATI, GIESSEMAN, & KZ.

I know all about Hagen/fluval GLO, power GLO, flora GLO, etc...

I avtually don't mind the 18'000k power GLO as a purple bulb replacement, you can get a GE6500 for way cheaper than the lifeGLO II bulbs and the ge6500 is better IMO.
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Good to hear that i'ts not just me :)

I'll take a look for thoses tubes. If I want to make my coral more fluo, what would be a good addition? Maybe just adding a Cree Led strip (like ecoxotic or similar)? Suggestions?

I have the standard 90gals (4'x2'x2' approx)


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Drop the life GLO bulb first.
Try adding ATI Blue plus bulbs instead of the actinics (Marine GLO) bulbs, they aren't very good.

I'd do
3 ATI Blue plus
1 ATI Actinic
1 ATI Purple plus
1 ATI coral plus

This will pop out the colors in your coral.

Adding LEDs is another option but changing to ATI bulbs and getting rid of the "yellow" life GLO bulb will help.

My avatar is 2 blue plus, 1 actinic, 1 purple.