Any special ways to do water changes?


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to do w/c remove the old water via siphon hose. mix ro/di water with salt and test salinity. it should match the tank. heat the mix till temp is close to tank and pour in.


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use a pump and pump the water in so it mixes a little at a time, that way theres not a huge dump of water coming in all of a sudden

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Pour it in the sump if you have one. That way you don't disturb the fish or start a sand storm.


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I drain my water from the sump and replace it back in there. My skimmer freaks out for a bit but I've never had a problem. How long are you letting your mixed water stand? I let mine mix with a powerhead for a minimum of 12 hours, 24 preferably.


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Just pour the new water in slowly. My fish actually swim around where I pour the water in.

I'm pretty low tech, no sump, just pour in water slowly. I use 5 gallon buckets to mix, but transfer it to a smaller bucket with a pouring spout for more control. I don't worry about an exact temperature match as long as I'm within a few degrees and am only doing a 10-20% water change.