Any suggestions where i can find the 14g wire with female end for IceCap ballasts?


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I would just use the small standard reverse female plug used for computers but i dont feel safe using them compared to the 18A 800V wire specs on the 250w ballasts.

The wire specs for the standard computer cable were 10A 200V.

There are server cables like what come with the Dell Poweredge servers that are pretty heavy duty that i would like to use but i cant exactly snag the ones from work and slice up to attach to my pendants. Those are 14g but only 300V and im guessing 15A since it doesnt say on the cable.

I'm using the spider mogul SE pendants btw.

Either i get the ok to use something similar to the server cable or someone suggests where i can find the IceCap ballast ends for cheaper than 30 bucks shipped for 2. As well as finding the right wire gauge and rating.

Only wire i can think of without the end is a heavy duty power extension cord.



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Talking about these? ...

Or these? ...

I purchased some heavy duty cable with the female IEC connectors on one end a few years back. Believe they were 14 guage wire but cant recall the voltage rating but I believe they were 600V. This was to upgrade the power cord for a hybrid stereo intergrated amp. They were about 4 or 5 bucks each.
You can also find the heavy duty female IEC connectors online and some cable to do the job at HD or Lowes. But the connectors are relatively expensive so you'd probably pay less for the Icecap replacement parts I linked to.
I think I got the cables from Mouser or Digikey. I wouldnt hesitate to use one of those personally. I believe that the ballast to lamp cables for my magnetic M80 ballasts are 600V rated.

All this assumes I am talking about the actual cables/connectors that you need.
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Actually, just checking there isnt a voltage rating on my M80 ballast cables. Just the 105 degree celcius rating. The wires themselves are either 14 or 16 guage ... looks like 16.


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Welp just got off the phone with IceCap. They said the cables i am going to use are ok.

Its rated at: 75C - 300V - 14AWG

and the end plugs are rated: 15A 250V

So im going to hook them up tonight and try them out next week when i can find some bulbs to throw in them.

Thanks for the help and suggestions though.