Any updated reviews on the Maxspect Gyre Pumps?

Scuba Dan

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Been doing some research on these Gyre pumps. The early reviews from the early 2019 into the mid 2020 seem to be very hit and miss when it comes to dependability. (Noise, controller issues.) Have they improved at all in quality lately? I've been leaning towards the Maxspect Gyre XF350, but if the quality of the pumps/controllers haven't been improved, $350.00 is a lot of money to spend on a wave maker that may last a year or so. I'm not set on Maxspect, but Maxspect seem to be the most dependable out of the Gyre type pumps. I will consider other brands if recommended.
Thanks for taking the time to help me out......


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I started using an XL250 in summer, 2017. Bought a second before the end of the year. Yes, they have a lot of parts, yes it's easy to reassemble incorrectly after cleaning, yea the controller can be tedious to program if you want to get fancy with it (and I did).
Fast forward to today, they are still in use. If you clean them with any regularity, they are silent and provide more than enough flow for my 115 gal reef tank. They run at various speeds, not exceeding 40%. Parts are easily available through Coralvue. I tend to replace the cage bushings often, as they wear out the most. The new 300 series has an improved design with fewer parts and a smaller base with color coding for the right and left sides, but I've not used them (yet). Once I deciphered the controller it was possible to create rather elaborate flow programs., but the Coralvue wave engine I bought last year makes this much easier with the Hydros app, not to mention using only one power brick for my 2 gyres and two return pumps.
I purchased an icecap 2K last year for a smaller tank. It's design is more like the 300 series with a not as capable, but fully adequate controller which is also accessed by my Hydros app.
Overall, I've been quite happy, and received good support from Coralvue. I may upgrade to the 300 series or Icecap 4K sometime, but hard to justify the expense when they are still working well.
Maybe if "œsomeone" offers to buy my current ones......


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I've had a pair of 250s for maybe 3 or so years now, and before that a 150 that I got about a week after it came out.

I'll be honest, I literally haven't taken them apart since I bought them. I run them in vinegar as often as I can be bothered (every 1-3 months). They have been dead silent since the day I bought them, and haven't ever given me any trouble.

I'm still running the 150 in a frag tank. Let's just say that its maintenance schedule is... pretty much never.

I will say I screen over them in the main tank so that light doesn't hit them, and they dont grow any algae - that's probably why they do pretty well. I'll likely replace them with 350s if they die


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I've got a pair of 250's in my 120DT. They are 3 or 4 years old now. I got them just after the redesign. I clean them maybe twice a year, and have a routine down so that I don't swap parts side to side. I very much like the idea of putting a "shade" over the top of them to reduce algae growth. I do believe that I'll be making a couple today!

All in all, I like them a lot. They move an incredible amount of water (mine max out at 70%)