Anybody have a True Powder Brown?


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Does anybody currently have or had a Powder Brown Tang (Acanthurus japonicus)? The one with the white spot from under the eye to the mouth, not just under the eye. If so:

1. How Long?
2. What size tank?
3. How big was it when you got it and how big is it now?
4. Is it in with any other tangs?
5. Did it get ick or another illness while you had it?
6. Was it aggressive towards anything?

I am considering one, but would like to get others experience on them. Any advise on them would be great.

Craig, I have a true powder brown. One of my favorite fish but is incredibly mean. I've had it for about 2.5 years. It started in my 150 but now in my 265 gallon. It's housed with a bunch of other tangs. It does get ick every once in a while but clears up with time.

They key is to find a healthy one and start from there. If you're thinking of adding other tangs, add this one toward the end.
I have had one for 3 months. It was beautiful at purchase but ich showed up 2 weeks later [Ancanthurus are VERY prone to ich, more so than other Tangs..] I treated him with Hypo..I did get him in my 90 for awhile [temp tank till my 240 was done] Mine didn't seem aggresive at all..He did like to play 'follow the leader with my Wrasse though. I had to place him back into qt after he came down with some strange infection that I now believe to have been Bacterial..He looked as if someone painted big Polkadots on him:confused: I treated him and he is again looking good and almost ready to be moved.
They need LOTS of swimming room. I would not put one in anything other than a 6 ft tank.
They are Beautiful fish!!
I currently have a year old Yellow Tang. So, I wasn't sure how they would be. Plus the ick thing scares me, since it would be very difficult to get out.
I agree, I won't put a fish in my display with out 4 weeks of Quarentine first. I was just curious if the Powder Browns are the type of fish to just all of the sudden get ick?