anybody have luck with a potters in a reef?


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i vote no. mine liked to eat my micros and duncans and picked at chalices. it seemed to have very expensive taste because it never bothered any of the inexpensive lobos or trachys. for an sps tank id say they r ok, but i will never put any angel in my lps tank again.


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My Potter's has been fine so far, only about four months so far though. It is in a mixed reef dominated by SPS. I also have an acan, favia, both a hammer and frogspawn, LP toadstool, some kind of sinularia, zoas, rics, and gsp. It has not touched anything but I do wish it'd tear through the GSP. It was less than an inch long when I got it and still just barely over two inches. Hopefully it will continue to be a model citizen as it grows up.

I think it's just the same as any other Centropyge where you need to expect that it will nip and be ready to deal with it if it decides to do serious damage.


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Kiss your clams good bye too if you!! Mine ate a 8" Squamosa in 2 days....and the store I work at, we had one picking on a 12" gigas. those are the only things Ive had problems with!


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I 2nd the vote on picking on clams. Mine would eat the mantle of my gigas and then stop just long enough for it to heal and then eat it again. I have seen him "taste" just about every coral in my tank but nothing to cause any major damage (other than the clam) .


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fine with acropora never seen it pick, but likes montipore but does no real damage, mine does not pick at my crocea clam and I have no lps but think they would be toast.:)


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My potter has been a bit of a fatty since 06. I do not have any clams. I have seen him "taste" my SPS but its very infrequent--he just kisses it and moves on. He exhibits this behavior to every square inch of the tank and I have never seen any ill effects which I have attributed to him.

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I have one in my 220 reef, this tank has only been up for 7 months but i have had the fish in the previous 75 gal reef for over 3 yrs. Currently he is housed with SPS, LPS, one Toadstool,and a Crocea clam. He has not done any damage but is very well fed to the point he is almost round! So it is possible but i think it depends on the individual in this case. I will say that he is a bully, especially to new arrivals even ones that are bigger, except my Blue Throat Trigger, he has teeth!


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I have had mine for 2 months and she is a fat one, doesnt pick on a thing, a true angel so far (I just knocked on wood), she is about 4" big, so Im ok w her.


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I have a pair in my 58 (( one has been with me for a year, the other -- smaller one for about 3 months )) and they haven't touched a thing.

Thing = Clams, SPS, acan, zoas, and anemones (( haddoni )).


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my friend has had 1 in his reef tank for over a year now and has yet to have a single problem with his potters. all fish are different though so yo may get lucky or you may get one that eats everything in your tank.


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One potter's angel, 180 gallons, no issues so far other than xenia nipping (but let's be honest, that's almost a bonus).

I keep him well fed though, and he spends more time chasing other fish.