Anybody use an Aqua Chef Auto Feeder?


Yep,that one
I use one 24/7. All my fish are used to getting fed flake, twice daily with the Aquachef. My dwarf angel, and scopas tang love flake food, as well as the other fish!I supplement a few times a week with frozen........when I remember and have the time. But the Aquachef never forgets to feed em! I make sure ANY fish I buy will readily eat flake food at the lfs before I buy.
Its not that I am lazy..........just busy. My entire tank is set-up so its completely automated. Lights,fans,food,top-off..... etc. My tank can go anywhere from a few weeks to a month or more, without any input from me.
It works really well during the times we go on vacation, as the fish are already used to the feeder and I know its already "up and running".
It the best feeder I have used yet, and pretty darn cheap. The instructions can be confusing if you dont read them completely and follow them exactly. I helped someone through them just a few days ago..........
Well worth it..........go for it!


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Herbie - is the auto feeder over your tank or your sump? If it's over your tank, how do you keep the flakes from floating into the overflow box?


Yep,that one
My current tank is a 75gal bare bottom, and sumpless. Instead........I am using a Tunze Reefpack 500 filter/skimmer/topoff system which does have a surface skimming overflow though......So, I have one of these feeding rings,
installed under the aquachef to hold the flakes untill they become "waterlogged" and they sink slowly. The fish are used to eating from the "ring", so the food rarely starts to float all around the tank. I have a couple of mj1200's with "hacksaw" mods, hooked to a wavemaker to keep any floating food suspended so the fish can get to it before it settles. I am always at 0 nitrates, and 0 phosphates, with very little micro algea there is not a lot of food going to waste.
It works very well, and you cant really notice the ring hanging on the surface.
Yea, if you dont use a feeding ring I would say, most of the food would go down to the sump through the overflow. you would want to avoid that.