Anyone can help me with gyre?


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Anyone using 2 of maxspect gyre xf 330 with advanced controller? I did manual setting gyre for the schedule but pump A turns off on the controller screen after 2 seconds. Pump B works fine. Did I set up wrong? Or is it defected? Tried to communicate with coral vue but due to incident of covid-19, no response for a week now.

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Swap how they are plugged into the controller. I had a pair of used 350's that did this and I think it was the mode I was using at the time?

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I would reach out to Coralvue again. you should get a response in 24 hours or less. if you do not let me know. I would need your email address to look up the ticket.
You may want to swap the pumps a to b and b to a and see if it fixes it. it could be the controller.