Anyone ever get bit by their Bimac?


In Memoriam
I did last night. I was letting her/him explore my hand and after a bit of a tug of war with my finger I finally gave in and let her sniff if out.

Well, in anycase she bit me. :) Felt like a needle *****. Nothing too bad, just freak me out more than anything.

Just thought I'd share. In case someone wanted to know how hard they bite.
I have never been bit. I have been scratched by their beak and radula though. Tickels but no blood.
They are usually curious to see if you have or are food. Kind of like a dog sniffing you. They are animals though and can bite if they feel the need to defend.
Interesting, I have had my bimac, Tralfaz, grab my fingers several times. He has never bitten or scratched me. I wonder if they will be more prone to bitting you once they have done it once. Does anyone have any experience with this.
Let an octo explore your hand long enough and it will be bound to taste you. It's just another way for it to identify it's surroundings. Baby Humans put every thing in there mouths since it is there most sensitive sensory organ. Why should octo's be any different? All of my most interactive Bi-Macs tasted me at some time. Whenever I handle mine if I let them grab me for long enough I get a little nip. Be careful as most octo's carry a mild toxin to paralyze there prey which could lead to an allergic reaction in an unlucky individual.