Anyone going to the NCPARS PSU frag swap?


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Anyone going to the NCPARS frag swap? There are two pieces that I have requested but I have found out that I have to drive down to MD to a dog jump w/ my family. I'd really like to get the pieces and I figured that someone in the group would be attending -- but then I saw Matt's post over in the NCPARS section saying that he doesn't know anyone going...

So, no one is going?


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I know that Furman589 responded to my request for a $10 zoa frag. The last time I checked I still hadn't received a response to my second request (a $5 zoa frag.) {Just checked FragSwapper, Chris did accept my request.}

Any chance you are heading to the TFP Anniversary Sale the day after the frag swap? My out-of-town-ing is Saturday only, so I'm going to go to TFP on Sunday.

I like the new photo of your son (avatar.)
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Wow, sorry i missed your response to this thread! I PMed you back.
ps. thanks about the avatar compliment!