Anyone got a plain 55 hanging around


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I've got everything but the tank. Just want to setup a plain Jane fw. I know half of us have a stores worth of crap hanging around in basement. Thought I'd check.


Reef Ninja
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I've got one sitting on my back patio. Holds water fine, has black trim, has one of the stick-on thermometers that should be scraped off. I didn't see any scratches on it when my family member returned it to me in the fall.

I'm near 590 and Empire if you're interested. $40. You can have the cartridge filter that goes with it (needs new cartridges) and keep it as a spare or something.


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I have one in my garage as well. I resealed it a number of years back. I'd love to see it gone. $30. Near 12 corners in Brighton.