Anyone growing Pods?


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Just curious if anyone grows pods in a culture spcifically for pods locally?

I know most of us try to keep a healthy population in our fuges especially if we have mandarin gobies. But I am THINKING of culturing and growing the pods in a separate bucket or possibly in a small 10 gal glass aquarium that has one divider in it (it was used as a sump).

The more I read on having a healthy population of pods the better it is for a tank. My problem is until my sump (125 gal) is fully populated with growth of the calurpa and chaeto (maybe even some Ulva) for the pods to grow in it is difficult to keep a sustaining population going.

I had been ordering replenishments from Reefs2go on their sales (2000 pods for $24.99) but that gets expensive over time. The gobies LOVE me for a couple or few weeks while the population is high but then they are forced to settle for frozen foods or even some cyclop eeze sometimes.

Anyhow, is anyone culturing your own now locally to N.Ohio?


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I have a whole bottle of tigger pods dumped in my fuge. I saw them when they were in the bottle but obviously I can't see them in the fuge.


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Do you think I can start a culture with just a couple pods from my fuge? I don't have a lot of pods running around, but do see a few in the fuge and occasionally find a couple in my filter sock. I also saw two big ones running around on my rocks early morning a couple days ago.


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I'm gonna guess it would be best to start with more. By chance I'd you happened to get a mf pair you would get at best slow inbreeding lol. No seriously I would think more is better to start. The smaller number you start with though definitely want to have smaller container or content. No sense in having a few gallons for a couple pods to become 30 before the solution goes bad lol