Anyone have a blue tang turn black?


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I have a blue tang that was the normal color pattern of a blue tang. We have had him for about a year now and he continues to keep getting blacker. Take a look and tell me if your blue looks like ours.



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He does look cool and you are right he does look very
different than mine (6 months old). You sure you didn't
do a photochop lol jk.... Anyone else?


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I have Never seen a hepatus do that. Normally, as they age the color on their 'nose' will fade out to a sort of pitted yellowish color.. but the black is pretty wild. Ill give you $10 for it... :D


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I saw a post on here about 2 or 3 years ago where a guy had the same thing happen to his Hippo. Someone accused him of touching up the pics with Photoshop!


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We think he looks cool also just never had this happen before. He seems to be a very happy fish even if he doesn't come from the same side of the ocean has Dory!


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any studies done on this topic? you guys think its related to lineage and gene within it? similiar to the yellow belly hippos


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You got pretty lucky with that one, because a LFS or online site could easily market that as a "rare" hippo and could fetch alot more $$ :D


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Very odd. I have never seen one like that. Consider yourself lucky. You have a tang that is not really colored like anyone else. Good luck with him.