Anyone have a snow plow I can borrow?


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Or maybe some huskies and a sled? We've got 6" of snow here, + some sleet before that, and I have a theriogenology exam to take later today. What do you guys have in the STL area?


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In Maryland Heights its coming down pretty good... this is the fastest i have seen it pile up in a long time.... i would say we have 2 inches already and its only been snowing for less than 2 hours.


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Coming down good by the airport too... no sled Chelsey, but Kody loves the snow and he might be willing to pull you to class. Hook him to a boogie board and go.... gotta hold on tight, as that initial lurch gets ya


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Coning down pretty good here in St. Chas too. There is talk they may close our office early. WOOHOO - overtime pay for me and I don't have to leave the house! Come on snow!


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the snow and roads are not that bad, it is the idiot drivers

actually I shouldnt say idiot, because its not like the drivers here have a lot of experience with this crap

it took me 50 minutes to go from 1851 schoettler road to the chesterfield parkway

for those of you keeping score at home that's usually a 3 minute drive

the reason is that they closed the school and everyone left at the same time

right out of the school there was a huge backup and after slowly making my way through the mess guess what it was?

it was a chick in a hummer that was stuck


this wasnt on a hill or anything, she had just driven off the edge of the road and got her passenger tires sucked into a rut on the side of the road.....couldnt believe it

I can't complain, I love having school cancelled for weater like long as we dont have to make it up, but we shouldnt today since we only missed 2 hours of class


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I have 2 huskies and a sled

four brothers + whip + sled = fast transporation in artic conditions :D


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Stuck in a hummer. That driver has no business with that vehicle. We need a pic of the monkey shaking it's head.


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Bogie is out there running around catching snowflakes and eating snow...he is a hoot! If I had a sleigh big enough for my fatso self, I could have him pull it around town:D


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Add it to your photo bucket accont.



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3 or 4 inches in U City, and they closed the schools while it was still raining this morning. I am hanging at home with the kids. And the larvae (had a good hatch last Saturday).