Anyone have an accurate refractometer they can bring on Saturday?


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I have a refractometer that I bought from Premium Aquatics(RHS-10ATC) last year and a friend of mine bought his from Drs. Fosters & Smith(CD-14035). I was curious to see what my tds meter and refractometer was reading against his to see if we're seeing the same thing. Our tds meters were only off by 1ppm which is fine.

Our refractometers on the other hand were not. We tested a tank sample and his was reading 1.025 and mine was reading 1.022. We both recalibrated the meters with ro water and didn't have to make any adjustments since both of them showed a salinity of 0 with ro water.

Does anyone have a different meter or know of a more accurate one that they can bring to the meeting so we can test them? I just hate to wonder that between the two meters we were off by .003. It's about as accurate as a plastic swing arm hydrometer! :lol: