Anyone have Aquaray LED lights?


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Hello all!

I have a 300 gallon tank on the way :celeb1: and I need to decide on lighting. I'm going to do FOWLR at first for a couple years then I'm going to add coral. I don't want to spend tons of money on a fixture if I'm not really going to be using it for coral for awhile. Plus I'm sure anything I buy now will be so outdated in 5 years.
My issue is that I would like to have a controller that can do the sunrise/sunset ramp up. Can I get enough lighting to do this for around $500? I like the aquaray leds but I'm not sure two strips would light up the tank. 3 feet front to back x 6 feet long x 27" deep. Anyone here have Aquarays and do you think two of the strips would be enough for a FOWLR?

Or does anyone have an other ideas for an LED lighting system that would fit what I"m looking for?