anyone have experience with a Mag 9.5 pump?


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Anyone using Danner Mag-Drive Supreme 9.5 pump? My set up is fairly simple - 130 gallon display tank, 55 gallon sump next to the 130, about a 40 inch vertical rise out of the sump, about 124 inch horizontal run and then another 24 inch drop back into the display tank. Not planning any ball valves in the system but 7 unions. There will be 4 - 45 degree bends (2 pairs of 45s making 2 90 degree bends).

I am using a CPR CS90 HOB overflow which is rated at 600 gallons per hour and the Mag 9.5 is rated at 950 GPH.

The RC head loss calculator gives a value of total losses at 3.88 feet of head pressure, or 1.68 PSI. with a flow rate of 821 GPH using 1.5 inch PVC.

Any comments would be appreciated.




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I used a mag 9.5 in a 54g corner bow with 1" hose, a 10g sump directly beneath and found it a smidge underpowered with only right angle to the nozzle, and the rest hose. I was thinking about going up to a mag 12 with a ball valve for fine tuning, when I ended up with a basement sump and the Iwaki.


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I run mine on a 90 with the mega flow kit which is only rated at 600gph. It goes strait up through two unions, and one 90, and I have never had a problem.


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I have one on my 75 and it is a little too much. It runs from the basement to the tank and I still have to throttle it back on a 600gph overflow... If you use the recommended piping it makes a huge difference in the performance... If you use smaller piping it will draw more wattage and give less flow... costing you more money for less performance....


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I have my 9.5 running my PM skimmer externally . works great.
I had it in the sump of my 72gal for about a week and had to pull it though because of the heat it put out. Also, it was way too much flow and was causing microbubbles


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If you use the recommended piping it makes a huge difference in the performance...

I have not read anything about the recommended piping. I figured 1.5 inches should be enough.

Other recommendations?


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Run it with a union fitting and a ball valve that way you can quick disconnect and fine tune the flow. I'm running one on my 50gal and have to adjust the output as it is too much for my 1" overflow.