Anyone in OP or middleburg


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Does anyone want the pseudochromis? LFS are closed today.

He just killed my cleaner shrimp. He's bagged and Im not putting him in the tank again, I had to dismantle it, hoping to get him out before he killed the shrimp and the shrimp died anyway.

I would love to trade him for a cleaner shrimp, but If i can't oh well, I dont want the fish to die.

Oh crap, :( None of my huge fish mess with the cleaner they know he is good for them- even my neon. I am sorry I said that he would be ok with it. I would think any fish store would trade you a cleaner for the fish it seems to be an pretty even trade to me.
yeah I got a little local place to trade me a cleaner, Thats ok, I learned my lesson, no more impluse buys.
No problem :) I didn't know you had changed 'em at first til I drove by on Mondays and noticed the open sign on...heh...